• Ameron Concrete Pipe

    Bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe (CCP) consists of a steel cylinder lined with concrete or cement mortar, then helically wrapped with a mild steel bar and coated with dense cement mortar. CCP is a composite structure that combines the adaptability of steel with the durability and corrosion-inhibiting properties of concrete and cement mortar. CCP is custom designed to the customer’s system needs.


    Since introducing the product in 1942, we have supplied more than 6,000 miles of CCP for piping systems in the United States and throughout the world. Principal uses have been for the transmission and distribution of water in municipal, industrial, and agricultural systems. CCP can be used to convey any liquid not corrosive to concrete, including seawater and sewage in force mains.

    CCP is designed and manufactured in accordance with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standard C303 and AWWA Manual M9 and is normally supplied in standard diameters of 18 to 72 in. for operating pressures up to 400 psi. Pipe has been manufactured in larger sizes and for higher pressures based on the concepts of this standard.