• Ameron Steel Pipe

    We have supplied more than 5,000 miles of welded steel pipe (WSP) in diameters ranging from 18 to 144 in., thicknesses up to 1.25 in., and for operating pressures up to 500 psi. WSP is manufactured from steel coils formed helically and welded into cylinders or from steel plate that is rolled and longitudinally welded into cylinders.


    WSP cylinders are typically lined with cement mortar or with epoxy as needed for special applications. Coatings for WSP included cement mortar, polyethylene tape, epoxy, or polyurethane. Joint configurations for WSP include gasketed joints using rolled grooves or bell and spigot steel joint rings and welded joints for either lap welds or butt welds.

    Custom design and fabricated fittings include elbows, tees, wyes reducers, closures, valve connections, and other appurtenances. WSP is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the applicable AWWA, ASTM, and API standards.