• The eVolve™ Optimization Service, a tiered offering ranging from surface data-based optimization to full closed-loop downhole drilling automation, was developed by NOV to address the changing economic and technological landscape of the oil and gas industry. As operators seek new efficiencies and more significant performance increases, an innovative approach is necessary to achieve success, particularly in complex offshore well environments.

    NOV used the eVolve service while working with a South American client to develop a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed in their deepwater presalt project. To address various drilling dysfunctions and complex formation lithology, a two-step approach was taken. First, BlackBox™ tools were run downhole to acquire high-frequency data, which was analyzed to determine optimal drilling practices and parameters moving forward. Then, a completely new bottomhole assembly (BHA) was designed, which incorporated a unique combination of a 17½-in. PDC bit matched with a 26-in. concentric reamer and impact-resistant Helios™ cutters. 

    Due to implementation of the redesigned, optimized BHA, improved bit selection, and recommended drilling parameters, the client was able to achieve field-record rates of penetration (ROP) when drilling the presalt. Total depth was reached in a single run, without incident, and low inclination was continually maintained. The significant increase in ROP, combined with the various other performance improvements, enabled a reduction in drilling time of more than 1.5 days in comparison to offset wells, yielding savings in excess of $700,000 for the project. In addition, the large amounts of data collected by the BlackBox tools allowed the client to develop lessons learned for use in subsequent drilling campaigns.

    The eVolve service and this project were featured in this month's issue of E&P in an article by Stephen Forrester and Isaac Fonseca. Read the full article here.

    Published Date: 2017-03-03
    Source: National Oilwell Varco